At Greener Postures workshops we hold space for autonomous individuals to come together to grow, learn, & share together freely. Both in person & online.

At our workshops you are free to ask questions, interact, crack jokes, make connections, share your experiences, and learn together in a group of free-minded individuals.

Conventional classes tend to be geared toward an “expert” teaching an audience specific “facts”, beliefs, or ways of doing things the “right” way.

At Greener Postures, we believe there are many ways of doing things. Learning is a continuous process. People will come together with various levels of experience, but we are all coming together to learn together with a free and open mind.

Fermentation, canning, cooking, meal prep, pantry management, sourdough bread, sausage making, we have you covered.

It is our goal that these workshops be accessible, affordable, fun, and engaging. With every workshop, you get access to our exclusive Greener Postures Telegram group chat. There you can keep in touch with your host as well as other free-minded people you meet at the workshops. There we can share our kitchen experiments and success, ask questions and be inspired by what other people are doing in their homes.

A private playback link for each online workshop will be available to attendees in case you have to step away, or want to revisit a specific part of the workshop.

Get Started or Expand Your Skills with the
Exploring Fermentation
Series of Workshops

Fermentation for
Food Preservation

Join Lanni and dive in to using fermentation as a means for preserving food for years. The best place to start your fermentation journey. All the basics you’ll need to get started fermenting vegetables in your home.

Fermented Beverages

Kvass, tepache, kombucha, jun, herbal root beer, ginger beer, water kefir and more. With this workshop you can get started making healthy probiotic sodas at home! Understand the basics and then use that understanding to get creative.

Fermented Condiments

Homemade from scratch probiotic mustard, ketchup, relish, chutney, salsa, hot sauce and more. Learn to take control of your flavors and sauces by making them yourself, to your liking, in your kitchen, all while making them last months longer by using fermentation.

Sourdough Bread

Don’t stress about sourdough. If you want to add this art to your skillset, this workshop is a great place to start. Learn lots of tips and tricks that make things simple, and easy to work into your kitchen routine.

Get Started or Expand Your Skills with the Exploring Food Preservation
Series of Workshops

Home Canning

Home canning is nothing to be afraid of! Understanding brings confidence. Join Lanni and learn about canning safety, water bath canning, pressure canning, equipment, recipes and more!

More food preservation workshops coming soon!

Get Started or Expand Your Kitchen Skills with the Intuitive Home Cook
Series of Workshops

Nourishing Bone Broth

Get every last bit of nourishment from that chicken carcass or beef bones. Making delicious, nutritious, gelatinous, bone broth can be easy.

Pantry Management

More info coming soon!

What People are Saying About

“I highly recommend Lanni’s workshops! I have taken fermented beverages and will soon be taking fermentation for food preservation. So far I have made 5 batches of Kvass! Lanni is very knowledgeable and thorough on the subject matter and you can tell that she has spent a great deal of time honing her craft.  She is a great teacher and was very encouraging of questions and dialogue in the workshops.  As a cool bonus we have a Telegram group which I have thoroughly enjoyed.  There is quite a bit of dialogue about what people are making and it is a great place for questions.  Then my fav is everyone sharing photos of their creations.  It has been a great experience for me.  I feel more connected to the old ways of doing things by learning fermentation and I am inspired by my fellow workshop attendees and Greener Postures!”

-Ashley, @think.change.repeat

“Lanni makes fermentation easy! Her classes are informative, fun, and a great value. Since taking her course I’ve made sauerkraut, kvass, and sourdough bread, and enjoy being part of her online community. Highly recommend.”

Rincon, Puerto Rico/ Portland, OR


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