Canning Workshop

Learn to can food at home. The short cut to quick scratch made, home cooked meals is planning and canning ahead! Preserve the harvest. Shop sales and stock up. Stop buying industrial canned food with undesirable ingredients. Make canning a part of your normal routine with minimal effort. You can do this.

A Word From Your Host Lanni

Canning food is the quintessential homesteader flex. A wall of jars of all colors and sizes, boasting how much you grew and preserved. We might picture June Cleaver or some other 50’s housewife putting food by in her cellar in a cute apron and button up shirtdress. Don’t forget, canning is a relatively modern form of food preservation. This is not an ancient instinctual way to preserve food using nature like fermenation and salt curing. Canning is industrial food processing made possible because of modern technology like the glass jar and two piece metal disposable lid, and made safer by very recent scientific studies on canning times and methods.

You don’t need to have a huge garden or be a 1950’s housewife to know canning. Home canning is a useful skill to know, a way to save money and stock up when foods are in season and is relatively cheap to get started on.

In this workshop I hope to convey to you how to best understand how botulism and mold grows in it’s perfect environment. Why? Because by understanding the nature of these bacteria, fungi and yeast we can understand how to avoid them completely. Let me help take the fear out of home food preservation so you can get started doing the thing.

I will walk you through how I learned to pressure can and water bath can. How I know what method of canning I need for what type of food I’m canning. How I can be sure I’m canning safely. How I store my canned goods and much, much more. Join me in my home kitchen (in person, or virtually) and let’s dive deep into all things home canning.

At this workshop, we will cover the following:

  • What is canning?
  • Why can?
  • Brief history of canning
  • Nutrient loss in canned food
  • Different types of canning
  • Water bath canning
  • Pressure canning
  • Canning safety
  • Storing canned goods
  • Making meals from canned foods

Home Canning Workshop Live Online

Live and interactive on Zoom. This 2 hour workshop includes a full demonstration of how Lanni cans in both a water bath and pressure canner, all your questions answered, a PDF booklet with tips and recipes and lifetime access to the Greener Postures telegram group.

$40.00 USD

Home Canning Workshop Live and In Person

In person at Lanni’s home in Bellingham, WA. This 2 hour hands on workshop includes a full demonstration of water bath and pressure canning, a PDF booklet, lifetime access to the Greener Postures telegram group, sampling of several home canned foods.

$65.00 USD


Sunday February 26th 3pm pst
Getting Started with Canning Online Workshop
Live and interactive on Zoom
If you missed this live workshop and want to purchase the replay just choose ”Replay Only” when filling out the registration form.
$40 USD


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