February Newsletter

It’s already February?! I need to start planning my garden, it will be time to start seeds in doors before I know it. I’ve got a few new varieties of seeds in the mail from Baker Creek Seeds and I’m excited to get things growing.

Do people usually send out newsletters at the end of the month as a reflection? Or at the beginning of the month in anticipation of what is to come? I’m going with the latter. I’m excited for February and I want to share my excitement with you!

What’s New?

Boy oh boy, I made some AMAZING whipped tallow balm. I had enough that I was able to offer it up for sale or trade. Some of you may already be using this now! This tallow was the best I had made to date. Just 3 ingredients. Grass fed beef tallow (rendered by me), organic extra virgin olive oil, organic frankincense essential oil. That’s it.

If you missed out and still want some, send me a DM or an email and I will send you more info on price and shipping.

February’s Theme is Canning

Canning is a fabulous way to make more real food and eat more of what you make yourself. Think of it as your way to make your own processed heat and eat meals or deserts, or a way that you can preserve what you grow or what’s on sale and in season.

There is a lot of fear and worry behind home canning. I know I was nervous when I first started. Understanding how canning works to preserve food was instrumental in my success and learning, and now I want to share that with you!

All episodes of The Greener Postures’s Podcast will focused on canning this month. I will also be sending out a recipe card, a video tutorial and holding a live zoom call for the Greener Postures members.



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What’s Next?

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