What is Greener Postures?

Our homes used to be more than just a place to sleep and charge our smartphones. The home was the heart of our families, a place where we could birth our babies, school our children, grow and cook our food, and host weddings in the pasture and funerals in our parlor. 

Do you want to take back your autonomy and breathe new life into your home? Let’s learn together. With intention we can rely more on ourselves and less on the systems that don’t serve us.

What is the Greener Postures Membership?

Tier 1 – $3 Monthly

Tier 1’s content is free for all, but by signing up for this tier you will be subscribing to the newsletter and showing support for my free content.

What You Get:

  • The Greener Postures Podcast – New Episode Weekly
  • Monthly Greener Postures Newletter
  • Occasional YouTube video on the Preserving Today channel
  • The occasional bonus podcast episode

Tier 2 – $5 Monthly

You’ll get the benefits of Spectate PLUS:

  • Access to the exclusive Greener Postures Telegram Group Chat
  • A monthly tried and true recipe sent to your email from Lanni
  • The occasional bonus podcast episode

Tier 3 – $10 Monthly

All the benefits of Spectate & Connect PLUS:

  • Monthly Video Tutorial
  • Invites to Zoom calls to record the Q&A/Overshare podcast episodes

Tier 4 – $25 Monthly

All the benefits Spectate, Connect & Involve PLUS:

  • Attendance to the Greener Postures Online Workshop* when one is held within the month of your current membership!(Playback available for those who can’t attend live).
  • DM questions answered! I promise answering your messages will be my top priority. If you send me a DM, I will help you with whatever you’re working on in any way I can.

Tier 4 – $55 Monthly

All the benefits Spectate, Connect, Involve & Do The Thing PLUS:

  • One on one support: 1 hour per month live zoom or phone call with Lanni to help support you in your learning and progress in pantry management and as a intuitive home cook. Customized for what you want and need.
  • Personalized help with planning, organization, research and recipes.


Hi, I’m Lanni, co-founder of Greener Postures, creator and host of the Greener Postures Podcast, workshops, and the Preserving Today YouTube channel.

I’ve been fermenting for over a decade and enjoy food preservation and preparation in many forms. I love all things homesteading and food preservation. Cooking, freezing, canning, dehydrating, foraging, gardening, fermentation, culturing dairy, sourdough, animal husbandry. I’m also have interest in raising children, unschooling, homebirth, self-governance, trade, spirituality, autonomy, family, and the power of positive thinking.

Learning and sharing skills with other free minds is a wonderful thing. I believe adding new skills to your home is the best thing you can prep. My passion and focus is sharing my experience with as many free minded people as possible. Let’s grow, build, raise, learn and share together! Online, and in person.


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