April Newsletter

Wow, March’s sourdough theme sure was fun. I should have kept track of how many loaves I baked. I would guess it was at least 30. Plus sourdough pizza and some focaccia bread as well. I never thought I would love baking, but sourdough changed my mind. It’s funny how much simpler it is using the old ways of things, but how complicated if feels at first because it’s just so different than the moderns ways we know well.

What’s New?

Pictured: Breakfast made by our 9 year old and 2 wheels of cheese in a salt brine.

April’s Theme is
Culturing Dairy

Yogurt was the first thing I ever intentionally fermented. Way back about 17 years ago. It was an awesome feeling to follow some simple steps and turn a gallon of boring old milk into a quart of delicious yogurt. Learning to strain that yogurt to make labneh and then herbed labneh balls in olive oil I realized how one simple ingredient can transform into so many things when given specific treatment. Since then I’ve made butter, kefir, kefir cheese, mozzarella, ricotta, paneer and even aged cheese! Not to mention all the uses I have found for that strained whey.

Book Recommendation

The Greener Postures Podcast

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What’s Next?

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