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Lanni is co-founder of Greener postures, the host and creator of the Greener Postures Workshops, the creator of the Preserving Today YouTube channel, and co-host of The World as it is Today podcast. She has been fermenting for over a decade and enjoys food preservation and preparation in many forms. Lanni has been hosting workshops on her and her husbands family homestead for over a year and has been excited to bring these events online to reach a wider audience of free, autonomous people.

Lanni loves all things homesteading and food preservation. Cooking, freezing, canning, dehydrating, foraging, gardening, fermentation, culturing dairy, sourdough, animal husbandry. She is also interested in and enjoys raising children, unschooling, homebirth, self-governance, trade, spirituality, autonomy, family, and the power of positive thinking.

Learning and sharing skills with other free minds is a wonderful thing. Lanni believes adding fermentation to your array of food preservation methods allows for a more diverse pantry. Her passion and focus is sharing her experience with as many free minded people as possible.


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